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two sizes and two styles

"tide" styles offer the most versatility. you can wear them with or without rings, creating even more style options! tide styles can also be worn narrow and wide (check out the link below for a visual). "low tide" is a few inches more narrow than "high tide".

"og" styles have the rings sewn permanently onto one end. you must add a set of rings to your order if you choose "og" style. "og mini" is a few inches more narrow than "og regular".

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ooak accessories

fashion meets multi-function

believe it or not, this is the same ooakshell! there are so many ways to style your ooakshell accessories. come up with your own styles for a feature! #ooakshell

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"i love my hair wraps and i love how unique each one is. ooakshell is the way to go for comfort boho style. i've been happy with every single purchase."



"obsessed with ooaklets! once you buy one, you will want them all! they are so gentle on your hair, and way cuter than any hair tie out there! don't sleep on these!"



"these head wraps are so versatile. i especially love how light this pacific shell is, plus the colors pretty much match everything"


how can i purchase?

because everything is handmade, items sell out quickly.  get insider information on new and upcoming releases by joining facebook group "ooakshell love". follow @ooakshell on instagram for updates on release dates!

ooaklets: bracelet or hair tie?