general questions:

what are the different styles?
"atoll style" has the rings permanently sewn onto the headband.  "coral reef" refers to the wider size, which is approximately 10 inches wide.  "seashell" refers to the narrow size, which is approximately 8 inches wide.

"tide style" does not come with rings, and rings are optional for use (rings sold separately).  this is the most versatile style, as rings can easily be attached!  "high tide" refers to the wider size which is approximately 10 inches wide.  "low tide" refers to the narrow size, which is approximately 8 inches wide.

"wavy style" has a wire embedded into the headband, to allow for adjustability.  this also makes securing the headband easy with a simple twist! 


why do the colors on mine look different than the photo online?
the dyed shells will 100% look different than the stock photo online, because they are truly "one of a kind".  each one is hand-dyed and meant to be unique.  sometimes colors may appear different on various screens.  our photos are not filtered or edited, so you can get the best idea of the colors!

for hand-dyed fabrics, placement and ratio of colors will vary.  in addition, factors such as temperature, human error in mixing pigments, and the way the dye flows through the fibers will contribute to some variation, which is what we love about hand-dyed items! your piece will be truly one of a kind.


what are these dots on my hand-dyed fabric?
this is not an imperfection or defect!  this is just a bit of undissolved dye that happens when dyeing with the particular techniques we like to use!

on a “grey” headband, you might see spots of blue, yellow, or red because all these pigments are mixed to make up a special blend of grey!


why does my headband slip when wearing on top of my hair?
some fabric tends to be more slippery than others, like the “pacific” (swim/beach) fabric which is 100% polyester!

it is all about finding the perfect placement for your head!  you might have a little trial and error, but the sweet spot is when the back is at the bottom of your head, the middle just covers the tops of your ears. 

it also helps to wear them a little looser, which sounds counterintuitive but it works! if you wear it too tight on top of your hair, it will squeeze up. but if you loosen it a bit and just let it sit on your head like a hat, then it stays put!

last tip is to make sure the back is spread out wide!


when will my order ship?
well… great question!! we are working as diligently as possible to get your order out but as of now, we are just a small 3 person team over here at ooakshell! we truly appreciate your patience and if you have any questions regarding your order, please email


when will you release more colors?
the best way to find out about new releases is to subscribe to our email list and follow us on instagram @ooakshell :)


tide style questions:

what is the difference between high tide and low tide?
high tide is approximately two inches wider than low tide.  both can be worn narrow or wide, and can be worn with or without rings.

does the headband come with rings?
rings are sold separately! there are 8 different colors to choose from! but the rings are not required! you can wear the headband countless of different ways even without the rings 

why are my "tide style" and "atoll style" ooakshell headbands so long?
it was designed to be truly one size fits all!  good news is, you can trim it!  if you do, we recommend trimming it so that when worn, the tail tucks into the back of your head. don't worry, it won't unravel! just make sure to use a good pair of sharp scissors.  


how do i attach the rings to my tide style?
there are a few different ways to attach the rings. please view this tutorial for the best demonstration!

view tutorials


how do i thread through the buttonhole slit?
check out this helpful diagram! use this method to attach rings, as well as the classic way to wear it ringless.


do i need rings to wear an ooakshell headband?
the rings are not necessary! check out some ways to style it on this tutorial!

view tutorials here 


wavy style questions:

what is the difference between "coastline" and "shoreline"?
"coastline" is approximately 4 inches wide and "shoreline" is approximately 3 inches wide.  both are approximately the same length.


which width works better for me?
it's all personal preference!  you can even adjust the widths of both by folding them in various widths.


atoll style questions:

what is the difference between "coral reef" and "seashell"?
coral reef is approximately 2 inches wider than seashell.


have a question that wasn’t answered here? 
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