hi i'm mika and i'm the creator of ooakshell. it started because in 2018, i had horrible postpartum hair loss after having my second child.  i was desperate to find a solution that would work for me.  traditional headbands would end up giving me a throbbing headache after a few minutes, not to mention that i have a fivehead (aka a big a** forehead), so the headbands would accentuate my fivehead.  after playing around with several different designs, i landed on the "og" design that you see today :) i was so insanely excited to share this with friends and family because it REALLY is an amazing headband!!

i first started selling on etsy at the end of 2018, then moved my shop here in 2020.

i know there is so much more to tell, but i'll leave it here for now :)